“Discover 5 Powerful Ways Video Marketing Can Grow Your Business and GET YOU MORE CUSTOMERS!”

From: Beth Marcon

Re: Video Marketing for Your Business

Dear Local Business Owner,

What if I told you there was a way to powerfully expand your business reach: 

I’m not talking about traditional advertising… I’m talking about targeting Local Customers looking for your products and services and are ready to to open their wallets and buy?

And what if I told you it was a lot more affordable than you may think? And easy enough that you’d end up kicking yourself for not doing it sooner?

And what if I told you it was so easy, you’d end up kicking yourself for not doing it sooner?

Well, I hope you won’t kick yourself, but I do hope you’ll take a few moments right now to learn just five of the benefits you can reap from Video Marketing.

By Video Marketing, you can:

  1. Deliver an hour’s worth of message in less than two or three minutes
  2. Use the senses of sight and sound to instantly support your message
  3. Use visual reinforcements such as your face on camera, your actual product or your physical storefront to help build a sense of connection and familiarity
  4. Provide the feeling of interactivity today’s audiences are addicted to
  5. Become a celebrity to your audience — one they feel they know well.

So Simple, Children Actually Do It

Video Marketing is so simple, your children may know more about it than you do. Oh, they won’t know about the marketing end, that’s true — but you can bet they know the difference between a good video and a bad one when they see it.  

They also know the difference between what entertains… and what’s so dry they’re out of there in two seconds flat.

They are masters at selecting what pleases them on YouTube — and rejecting what doesn’t.

(They probably also know how to upload videos to YouTube, and customize their own channels.)

And, like any classic children’s book, the best videos — the ones that are so effective they create a buzz, with their links being shared from friend to friend faster than a hummingbird can blink — are at once both simple and complex, with many layers tailored for appeal; for specific customers or clients; and those at different stages in the research, learning or buying cycle.

These “layers” shouldn’t intimidate you.  The “complex” part about Video Marketing comes not in the doing, but simply in knowing exactly what to do, why you should do it — and when and the exact steps to take, to create a powerful video that healthily grows your business.

The Steps Themselves Are Easy

You could spend anywhere from days to weeks, reading up on the subject, if video making is completely new to you.  You’d have to use your own best judgment to decide what was right, between differing opinions and favorite methods. Trial and error is sometimes the best way to learn new things — but not if your family’s income and your business itself depend on you for basic survival needs (let alone the finer points of life).

When it comes to promoting your business (and learning how to do something new, like making and effectively using videos in your marketing), you need:

  1. A good understanding of how Video Marketing works, what it can do for you — and why
  2. Shortcuts that save you valuable time — time you could invest in your best money-making activities
  3. A way to avoid mistakes.  Mistakes take time (and often cost you money — both in what you put out and profits you can lose)
  4. An easy, step-by-step method you can “rinse and repeat” as many times as you like
  5. How to get expert help without getting ripped off or investing in more services or equipment than you need

3 Essential Facts about Video Marketing You Need to Know

You also need to know your marketing goal for each video you make — before you ever pick up a camera. Do you want to simply saturate the market to the point where everyone knows you?  Do you need to promote a particular event or sale? 

Do you want to drum up extra business during your “slow” seasons, or make the most of opportunities provided by holidays like Christmas or Easter? 

Would you like to show customers how to use your product?  Why it’s an easier product to use than your competition’s?  How it will change their lives for the better?

Do you want them to get a sense of your personality, so you can reassure them your services are a good fit for their own businesses or lives?

All of these things — and more — you can easily achieve with Video Marketing — in less than one, two or three minutes per finished video. 

The second factor you must take into account nowadays is that people are so busy, they want “instant gratification” when looking to buy, or looking for information.

They want:

  1. To search and find something they need instantly — if that  doesn’t happen, they’re “outta there” and on to the next listingVideo Marketing Can Grow Your Business
  2. To find the best local source of what they need — they’re not going to waste time on shipping, if it’s something they can find next door — today
  3. To be told what they need to know on the spot — without having to wade through pages of text
  4. A sense of immediacy — knowing exactly when, why, who, where and h

Finally, they don’t have time to waste. 


Your customers are intelligent, savvy, smart — and most of all, they know how to make quick decisions on the spot.

Video makes the perfect medium, in context of today’s buying and service-finding habits, to deliver your message with impact — in a world over-saturated with messages coming in from all sides.

Your Customers and Clients Aren’t Behind the Times — So You Can’t Afford to Be!

Sometimes we get too busy, focusing on our your customers and clients aren’t behind the times — so you can’t afford to be! (That’s most likely why you’re so good at what you do — and why you have services or products perfect for your ideal customer or client.)

We get passionate about our business — about what we’re producing; not how we’re letting people know.

Just because you’ve “always done it that way” doesn’t mean you should never look at change. After all, society is changing every day.  It’s on a swift stream, heading straight for exciting (and anxiety-producing) new rapids.

Unless your business can keep pace, you’re going to be nothing more than a blur as they race by.  You need to tap into the collective mindset, to understand how you can best use Video Marketing for your business — and why it’s the medium of the moment.

If you’re feeling annoyed by the last few paragraphs, that in itself is a sure sign you’re stuck in too comfortable a rut, when it comes to marketing your business.  Do’t let fear or impatience hurt your profits — take a long, hard look at…

What Is The Single Biggest Advantage of Video Marketing?

The one most often overlooked advantage? — even by web experts!

And that is how easily and instantly Video Marketing ties your physical location to promotion — thanks to today’s search engines and social network searching.

Here’s how it often actually works:

  1. Your best customer’s friend tweets on Twitter or posts on Facebook that she’s looking for a specific product
  2. Your best customer always buys that product at your store, so she instantly recommends you
  3. She’s happy to win kudos from her friend and help her by pointing her to you and your product
  4. Fifteen of her friends see her Facebook post or tweet, and five of them post or re-tweet the news instantly to several of their friends who might like the tip too
  5. Meanwhile, the person she aimed it for retweets or “shares” it too
  6. Two of the people reached via social networking within that short space of a few minutes actually visit your store — and buy your product straight away

But here’s one often-overlooked point you need to understand…

Q: Why do they buy, instead of visiting the seven-to-twelve times that traditional marketing dictates is the norm before a single purchase is finally made?

A: The personal, tailored recommendation skipped several steps in the loyalty-building stage, creating instant excitement, interest, trust and most of all:

Video Marketing Saves You Time 

Valuable time you could be investing elsewhere.  You can use that time to:

  1. Put into relaxation or spending time with your family
  2. Pursue and follow your own interests without interruption
  3. Develop and refine your product or services further
  4. Create more output — and more profit

And guess what the number-one survey response has been for the last two years, when people are asked what they would like more of?

That’s right:  It’s not money or power or possessions — it’s time.

Video Marketing Makes You Money

And it makes you more money than you could create using traditional methods — even if those have always worked for you in the past.

You see, there are other ways you can use your video-making skills, once you’ve learned how easy it is to embrace this media.  You can also:

  1. Create videos you can sell — a lesson series or virtual workshop
  2. Re-purpose your videos — into tip sheets, special reports, simple transcripts, bonuses or even instruction manuals
  3. Use them to brand your products — more powerfully than any of your non-video-savvy competitors can imagine!
  4. Use them to elevate you to public expert or even celebrity status
  5. Entertain as well as educate your customers and clients
  6. Position yourself as more expert, on the ball and cognizant of customer needs than your competitors
  7. Build a YouTube following (and drive people to your physical store or sales pages)
  8. Use simple, short video sales letters
  9. Create emotional connection

Emotional connections can be the “missing ingredient” that makes the sale!

If you’re starting to feel excited at the Video Marketing possibilities you’ve been overlooking, relax! Video Marketing Can Grow Your Business

I’ve created a Special Report, to give you a clear, easy to understand overview of all these points — and more.

Download “Video Marketing Can Grow Your Business” right now, and help yourself to these secrets right this minute… the report and the knowledge you’ve acquired — even if you request the return of your investment. Your only investment is $11.99.

Your purchase is absolutely risk free. Try the product for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied just send me an email and I’ll send you a refund right away. So there’s absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me.

But there’s a lot more to the information this Special Report offers you.  It’s not heavy reading at all — but it’s packed with every fact you do need to know. All laid out for you, clearly and concisely.

Video Marketing and Where You Are Located

When I talked about how Video Marketing ties into physical location, I forgot to mention powerful new tools such as Google Maps, as well as similar features in social networks. I took it for granted you’d know what I meant. 

So, to make it even clearer, it’s not just the powerful, viral, personal recommendations — it’s also the fact that your ads and your business will show up in searches much more quickly because they are tied to your physical location when people search locally.

Five other businesses may show up in local searches too — so who will your customers trust — the one with just an address… or being sent to an overlong sales page… or instantly seeing (a) your face (b) your storefront (c) the top benefits you offer — all in a video that can take as little as seconds for them to view?

Here’s What You Need Right Now

You need to know how to how to get started with Video Marketing by:

  1. Creating your unique, targeted Video Marketing approach
  2. Understanding the basic types of video to make — and when to use them
  3. Knowing exactly what makes an effective video — the sort that spread “virally” and create a lot of popular buzz
  4. Which equipment to buy — and which will be easiest to operate while saving you money
  5. If there are any free options (and what are the drawbacks — or benefits — to using these)
  6. How to simply use lighting, video location and accessories to your best advantage
  7. How to choose the most powerful topics and create simple video scripts
  8. What you need to know about editing, adding promotion to your videos, and video distribution
  9. How to set up — and make the most of — your YouTube channel

When You Should (And Shouldn’t) Seek Expert Help

Another area this Special Report is clear about:  When — and how — to seek expert help (and get the best value for your dollar in the easiest way).

Why would you want to “outsource” this area of your marketing?

Well, you may not necessarily want to outsource all of it — perhaps just some aspects. For example, editing your video may take valuable time away from interacting with customers, or drumming up business.

Think of it like you’re putting on an important family dinner.  You might want to prepare the Cherries Jubilee yourself… or if it’s an important enough event, such as a wedding, hire a caterer or chef instead.

Similarly, whether or not you’re making the Cherries Jubilee yourself, you instinctively know it’s a better idea to entrust filling the water glasses to your aunt, rather than insisting you have to take care of every last detail yourself!

It’s the same with deciding what aspects of Video Marketing you want to outsource.  There’s no one “best” answer for everyone — your unique decision will need to be based on:

  1. Your interests
  2. Your skills
  3. Your budget
  4. The time you have available
  5. The equipment you have at your disposal
  6. The time it will take for any “learning curves”
  7. The type of video you need created
  8. How simple — or how sophisticated — you’ve decided the final product should be

What “Video Marketing Can Grow Your Business” will do is show you how best to achieve this in your outsourcing (should you choose to outsource at all)… and help you decide on the right people at the best price for your budget.

So are you ready to do this the right way (as well as the easiest?)

Get Instant Access Now:  I need to learn about Video Marketing and take advantage of the most powerful source of local business strategy today.  Send me, right now, my own, personal copy of “Video Marketing Can Grow Your Business” — so I can leave my competitors “in the dust” and become the top business in my niche — locally.

I understand I’ll find out everything I need to know about:

  1. Creating the most effective Video Marketing strategy
  2. Equipment — and methods — I’ll need to use
  3. How Video Marketing works — and how I can make it work best for my local business
  4. Local business Video Marketing secrets
  5. Common Video Marketing mistakes to avoid
  6. How to choose topics, edit, create effective, simple scripts

And much, much more!

Send me my copy right now — so I can decide for myself if this is the best current strategy for me. I know I’ll have 30 full days to evaluate the material at my leisure — and get a cheerful, easy refund, if I should decide for any reason Video Marketing is just not for me.

After all, resounding success is all about making the right decisions. And making the right decisions is always based not just on knowing your subject, but on knowing all the information most of your competitors decide to ignore.

So decide for yourself whether or not Video Marketing is the right strategy for your local business. (And see how easy it is to set in place, too!)

To your success!


Beth Marcon

P.S. “Video Marketing for Your Business” also clues you in on 9 crucial Video Marketing mistakes you’ll need to avoid — as well as providing a handy “Getting the Project Done” checklist.  So make life simpler for yourself while easily mastering what you need to know about Video Marketing for local business and simply download it now.

P. P. S.  And this letter barely even touched on the power of YouTube searches in today’s market — something you’ll quickly learn about, if you try out this Special Report. 

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