Marketing Perspectives: Are We Speaking Frankly?

Marketing Perspectives: Are consumers being lied to?

Were you to ask one hundred consumers what they find most unbelievable about marketing, you are probably going to find that at least 25% of them will say they feel lied to.  Marketing perspectives and analysis show that consumers hate being lied to and are far less likely to take notice of marketing if someone is always telling them a lie. Read More

Giving The Public What They Want

One rule to remember when marketing is celebrity sells.   There are a number of reasons for this.   If a celebrity is present in an advertising campaign then this will more likely to help raise awareness of it and as a result people will notice the product more.

If people think that the celebrity is actually using the product themselves then they will want it even more.  Plus if people see that you have been able to employ the services of such a celebrity they will automatically respect you more.   But of these statements one is very wrong but yet all of them happen to be true. Read More

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