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We get your phone ringing, generate leads for your business AND increase your sales with specific marketing processes.


We help you instantly convert strangers into leads by cultivating a deep and enduring interest in your product or service. We pinpoint those features of your products that ignite their interest and prompt them to make repeated visits.

Plus, with data analysis and customer relationship management tools customized specifically for your business, your campaigns will constantly generate leads, improve the growth and retention of your current clientele, and ultimately increase your revenue


We will power up your sales and send your revenue through the roof. We make it our business to convince your visitors that your product is what they need right away.

We also help you find and keep in constant contact with those clients most likely to become repeat customers, share your services with others and increase your bottom line. 

Get more customers and grow your business

We know your clients are out there just waiting for you to make this move toward a directed marketing strategy that will point them to your product—the one they’ve been searching for.

We help you present your business to them in the most enticing way necessary to mesmerize and rivet their interest to your product.

You will grab the interest of even the toughest sells by using our strategies to pinpoint what they want from your service and show them exactly why it fits them perfectly. Your business sales will skyrocket, and your sales criteria will demonstrate measurable growth.

We Are Tech Creative

Our keen and innovative professional staff is adept at transforming your campaign into attractive media and digital content that engages visual, aural, and haptic experiences. The graphical and SEO content, we’ll generate for you is sure to motivate your audience toward direct and immediate action.

With our creative and artistic approach to the production of your digital content, your marketing campaign will immediately stimulate potential clients. It will support immersive user experiences that convert visitors into buyers and increase your revenue.

We Offer 

Our state of the art graphic design and video drive traffic to your business and the creative and elegant website design we offer helps you make a dazzling first impression. Professionals will craft on-point social media marketing campaigns that communicate to customers the core value of your product.

These focused and strategic campaigns will always keep your current clients engaged and pique the interest of prospective clients. Plus with our service, your content will always be optimized for search engines using media savvy strategies to get you noticed fast. And to top it off, we’ll always provide robust and dynamic analytics that generate leads and ignite your path to success. No matter which service you choose, your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Our Services

Every Project is different. But common services we offer. 

Video Design, Submission and Marketing

Experience a radical upsurge in business growth—and fast! Effortlessly sail to the top of the rankings with the high-impact, strategic, and results-driven videos we create and market for you.

We identify your strongest assets and accentuate them to instantly attract customers.

Witness exponential growth in your brand’s popularity that dramatically boosts your likes, clicks, conversions, and sales.

Website DesiGN and Optimization

Witness thrilling success by instantly inspiring website visitors at their first sight of your crisp, elegant, and intuitive website.


Its stunning visual appeal will immediately impress them with your competency and highlight the finest qualities of your products.

The expertise and savviness of our highly experienced web designers help you effortlessly convert your website visitors into valuable customers.

Social Media Marketing and optimization

Let us kick-start your social media marketing campaign, optimize your media presence, and supercharge your brand recognition.


Our eclectic team of marketers, engineers, and writers will analyze your campaign from myriad perspectives to identify the most effective social media marketing strategy for your chosen social media platform.


Our cutting edge marketing tactics will dramatically increase customers’ visits to your site and provoke significant conversion rates—results you can measure, guaranteed!

​Graphic Design

Our expert designers produce hard-hitting and impactful graphics that amplify your views and click-through ratios almost overnight.


Our particular gift is finding your company’s most definitive asset and transforming it into an attractive visual that becomes your highest selling point.

. Your customer base and social impact will sky-rocket with these vivid design elements guaranteed to convert views and clicks into genuine interest and valuable purchases.

​Content Marketing

Forget expensive advertising! We create high-impact content that galvanizes your audience toward purchasing your product.


Our versatile writers can spin even the most lackluster content into a vibrant and magnetic pitch that draws your audience to your product.

Our winning strategies will automatically grow your business, organically increase your website ranking, and radically boost your revenue.

Search Engine oPtimizaTION

Our superior SEO campaigns catapult your website to the top of search engines. No other marketing team can quickly gauge the temperature of your SEO campaign and amp up your tactics so you bypass the competition.

We rank you up lightning fast, exponentially increasing the visibility of your website, dramatically boosting the number of your website visitors, and improving your bottom line.

We are a Digital Marketing Agency

​Our marketing strategies get you clients. Period. We proactively create opportunities for dynamic business growth. Our tactics involve pinpointing your company's most powerful characteristics to create a digital marketing campaign that attracts superior clientele.

We help you maintain constant, quality contact with your audience, managing data analysis and CRM campaigns to catalyze lead generation, support customer retention, and radically improve your bottom line.

​We get your phone ringing, generate leads for your business AND increase your sales with specific marketing processes.

What Our Customers Say

​Don’t take our word for it, check out what our clients say about our internet marketing services.


The people at marconmarketinggroup.com designed and developed our website from our ideas. It looks great, gets us customers, and converts with sales. Staff were easy to work with. As a CPA firm, we want quantifiable results and we have this with marconmarketinggroup.com. What more do you need in a website. It works

CHARLES HENRICKS CEO CPA Henricks and Associates Delafield, WI

We hired Marcon Marketing Group. The web marketing firm provided us with several high impact direct response video campaigns. We were very impressed with the quality not to mention it generated a lot of high quality leads for us. Thanks again.

POCHOLO AMATI​ ​CEO - Madrid Spain

We were hesitant to start using video for lead generation.
However, they asked us a few questions about our business and what can we say. What a great way to engage our customers and brand our business. Our phones are busy and thanks again for explaining the benefits of videos.

CATHERINE HOLLOWAY High End Department Store Marketing Manager

They are your go to guys for anything remotely related to videos. We got a custom video done that sent our conversions through the roof. The videos explaining our products and services are so cool. The videos were amazing. They helped our business so much. We couldn’t be happier.

MIKE JONES Regional Sales Manager

Are you looking for a Video Agency? There is none better than these guys. Videos get peoples attention and our customers love them. The feedback has been good. We will be ordering more shortly.


I would credit Marcon Marketing Group for increasing our clients sales revenue by $50K in a span of two months of campaign. I recommend Marcon Marketing Group for companies needing online web marketing campaigns.

LAURA TISDALE CEO Design Miami, Miami FL

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