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We Offer A Complete Range Of Solutions To Your Bone Related Problems

Procedure in which the damaged knee joint is removed and replaced with prosthesis of metal, ceramic and/or plastic components.

Procedure in which a tiny camera is inserted into the elbow joint in order to diagnose and treat conditions including tennis elbow, arthritis etc.

The treatment of an injury such as a bone fracture, a deformity of the spine, or a long-term condition that’s developed over many years.

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Critical Surgeries

Sometimes medicines can't take away the pain and that's when we trust advanced surgeries with the most experienced surgeons.

Lab Tests

There are a lot of scans and tests that orthopedic doctors suggest before proceeding and we provide in house facility for all these things!

Advanced Surgeries

We are backed by technology and we always try to provide an in house solutions so, our advanced surgeries are one of those solutions!

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With over 10+ years in the joint replacements, she is the one you should trust without a second thought. She has been our favorite and also our patients!


He is highly experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. Not only he is a great doctor but also he is a great teacher and has been an inspiration for all the juniors!

Ethan Peter

Tim is the apple of every patients eye. He provides warm care and one to one consultation to every one to ensure when they step out they are happy!

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I simply called them up and they were at my doorstep with all their equipment. They also not charge any additional for home services. They also give 10% discount.

Michael Peter

This is surely the best center for physiotherapy, they were given complete relaxation to my body. This was given me a new energy in my a whole day.​

Alan Thompson