With Digital Online Marketing, find out how we will help you effectively advertise your products or services online.


Yellow book is outdated. It is known that 75% of clients will use the internet as a resource to search your business before they visit, but ask yourself: “Is my business showing up?”

We focus on online marketing.   It's one of the least understood and most diverse type of marketing.  Online is where today's customers and clients are. Our goals is to help people with their marketing.

We believe there is a better way to do marketing.  A more valuable, less intrusive way where our clients are earned and not bought. We admit we are obsessive passionate about it,  Our mission is to help people achieve their marketing goals.

By excelling at client attraction, we empower our clients to do what they do best...to change the lives of individuals, families and entire communities through their service. We create synergy in your business. 

Explore our content and immediately grasp the essence of our engaging marketing and design styles. Freely navigate our website to get a feel for the breadth of our creativity, or view our video and graphical portfolios and presentations to understand the range of artistic brilliance we bring to every account we handle.

We Get You Results

Marcon Marketing Group is an established experienced marketing agency.  We focus exclusively on helping local businesses sell and  retain more local business. We use cutting edge technology to help our clients build their brand and reach their ideal prospects and convert prospects and leads into long term customers.  

As a team of professional online marketing and internet search engine specialists, we take pride in our expertise, as well as our dedication to our clients and their products or services.

Our team of proven professionals are here to help you with all your online marketing needs. Our team has been helping businesses just like yours generate leads, foot traffic and ultimately sales for years. Just take a quick look at our portfolio the see the results we’ve gotten for our previous clients.

The Team

Our keen and innovative professional staff is adept at transforming your campaign into attractive media and digital content that engages visual, aural, and haptic experiences. The graphical and SEO content, we’ll generate for you is sure to motivate your audience toward direct and immediate action.

Julia Dobbins Design Services

Julia Dobbins Design Services

Lacey Hammock Customer Service Lacey Hammock Video Optimization

Liberty Taylor Digital Marketing

Liberty Taylor Digital Marketing

Samantha Jacobsen Customer Service

Samantha Jacobsen Customer Service

Lauren Nelson Customer Service

Lauren Nelson Customer Service

Creative Design Services

Kelly Wilson Creative Design Services

Kristina Rogers - Content Marketing Specialist

Kristina Rogers - Content Marketing Specialist

Tony  Fishburne - Website Designn

Tony Fishburne - Website Design

Wondering how our process works?

First, we evaluate your marketing and online presence to see if there are any areas that need improvement. Through your complimentary market analysis, we have a baseline, or starting point, that guides us to effective marketing techniques and implementation. Learn more now.  Get your detailed online marketing analysis sent to you today!

What Our Customers Say​

Don’t take our word for it. Check out our testimonials below that will add a rich layer of authenticity to the entire package and help you see the myriad ways other companies have reaped success from our direct, one-on-one, and supremely effective marketing interventions.


The people at marconmarketinggroup.com designed and developed our website from our ideas. It looks great, gets us customers, and converts with sales. Staff were easy to work with. As a CPA firm, we want quantifiable results and we have this with marconmarketinggroup.com. What more do you need in a website. It works

CHARLES HENRICKS CEO CPA Henricks and Associates Delafield, WI

We hired Marcon Marketing Group. The web marketing firm provided us with several high impact direct response video campaigns. We were very impressed with the quality not to mention it generated a lot of high quality leads for us. Thanks again.

POCHOLO AMATI​ ​CEO - Madrid Spain

We were hesitant to start using video for lead generation.
However, they asked us a few questions about our business and what can we say. What a great way to engage our customers and brand our business. Our phones are busy and thanks again for explaining the benefits of videos.

CATHERINE HOLLOWAY High End Department Store Marketing Manager

They are your go to guys for anything remotely related to videos. We got a custom video done that sent our conversions through the roof. The videos explaining our products and services are so cool. The videos were amazing. They helped our business so much. We couldn’t be happier.

MIKE JONES Regional Sales Manager

Are you looking for a Video Agency? There is none better than these guys. Videos get peoples attention and our customers love them. The feedback has been good. We will be ordering more shortly.


I would credit Marcon Marketing Group for increasing our clients sales revenue by $50K in a span of two months of campaign. I recommend Marcon Marketing Group for companies needing online web marketing campaigns.

LAURA TISDALE CEO Design Miami, Miami FL

Marketing and how you obtain clients and leads have made a pivotal change. Clients no longer look for products or services in the phone book. What work previously is no more working. Yellow book is outdated. 75% of the clients search on the internet before they visit, is your business showing up?

Consumers search online for products and services and then they buy locally. Will they find you or your competitors?

Are you aware that Google gives priority to local companies within their search results. Imagine if you’re a plumber, hair stylist, flower shop, lawyer or restaurant owner that resides in Milwaukee, WI. If a person looks for plumber in Milwaukee, WI and they find your company, how many new clients can you get daily?

We are a ​Digital ​Marketing ​Agency

Our marketing strategies get you clients. Period. We proactively create opportunities for dynamic business growth. Our tactics involve pinpointing your company's most powerful characteristics to create a digital marketing campaign that attracts superior clientele. 

We help you maintain constant, quality contact with your audience, managing data analysis and CRM campaigns to catalyze lead generation, support customer retention, and radically improve your bottom line.