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Yellow book is outdated. 75% of your clients search on the internet before they visit, is your business showing up?

We are online marketing and internet search engine specialists. Since 2001, we’ve been providing internet marketing on products and services for our clients. We’ve built numerous companies from start up to upper 6 figures in short time frame with limited marketing and advertising budgets for our clients.

We have the ability to assist you enhancing your business online. We might not have the ability to help you. We sometimes are simply a bad match (Adult or Drug Related businesses aren’t appropriate for all of us).

We get you found on the web. We get you new clients and get your telephone ringing.  We understand you’re so busy running your company.

The field of marketing has made a pivotal change. Clients no more look for products or services in the phone book. What was effective in the past is no more working.

Google gives priority to local companies within their search results. Imagine if you’re a plumber, hair stylist, flower shop, lawyer or restaurant owner from Milwaukee, WI. If a person looks for plumber in Milwaukee, WI and they find your company, how many new clients can you get daily?

Are you able to answer yes to any of those questions, if so send us an email and we will do a totally free market analysis.

  • TV and radio advertising appear to not receive the rate of return you expected.
  • Direct mail is expensive and has no track ability.
  • EMail marketing appears to be a think of the past.
  • A small company cant ever appear to get ahead and success?
  • Advertising and marketing systems are not traceable and changeable or a large investment is needed to see results. .
  • Don’t know what you need, just realize is not getting the results you want.


Our mission is straightforward. First we evaluate your marketing and online presence to see if there is any area that needs improvement.  Through your complimentary market analysis, we have a baseline or starting point that guides us to effective marketing through the internet.  We might not have the ability to help you and also our service is not for everybody. 

Our market analysis finds out how you can lower your marketing and advertising expenses and increase clients and bottom line?

  Let the Our Team Review Your Website and Get Your Initial Website Assessment Today.

Marcon Marketing Group is an online marketing and sales organization.  Since 2001, we have been designing  websites, creating online marketing tools and developing efficient marketing processes. We are a full service marketing firm.  We design websites, write sales copy and we get your phone ringing. Contact us today. 

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