Mobile marketing to engage your mobile customers

Mobile Marketing To Engage Your Mobile Customers

With a mobile marketing campaign you can send discounts, coupons and text alerts instantly to your customers.  The average text is opened within 3 minutes.  Get the facts and save your money now. Learn more

“Mobile Marketing… Not long ago, Businesses where primarily using email marketing to communicate with their customers. Unfortunately requires your client to physically be in front of the computer and check their emails. As a result email communication can be a hit or miss effort. Lets take a moment to compare…

What are the three things you take when you leave the house? Keys, wallet and cell phone. Which do you check first a text message or email message? Exactly. Your clients have their phones with them all the time making it easier for you to reach them instantly whenever you want.

Grow your mobile database today and interact with your clients using • Surverys • Alerts • Contest • Reminders • Coupons • One Time offers • QR Codes • Mobile Sites • Mobile Apps Get in touch to see how we can grow your business with mobile marketing. 



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Sheryl Strasser

After corporate downsizing in 2000, armed with ambition, thirst for writing and educating people, Sheryl Strasser became one of the co-founders of Marcon Marketing Group. She writes about digital online marketing on The Daily Buzz. You can download her free ebook Social Media Mastery, which reveals all of Sheryl's secrets to writing and marketing your business online.