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Enjoy our blog, we update it frequently with the latest marketing tips and strategies to generate leads, increase your sales and get your website found online with specific marketing processes.

We are not your typical marketing and advertising agency with normal nine to five office hours.


We’re an eclectic bunch – artistic dreamers, social media butterflies, nerdy engineers, content nuts mixed with skeptical Roi-crazed analysts.

We are dedicated to every little detail and to achieving the bottom-line. We love making first time experiences feel like something you do everyday.

We help businesses grow by implementing and optimizing online digital marketing systems. Mobile and Video Marketing,  Infographics and Social Media are critical areas of focus.

We offer:  Integrated marketing combines advertising, content and community to help smaller business and start-ups thrive.

Our marketing goal is simple – create measurable campaigns that combine creativity and analytics to generate leads and loyalty.

Sheryl Strasser

About t​he Author

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2000, after corporate downsizing, I went from a corporate job to Insurance sales to online digital marketing.

Armed with ambition, thirst for writing and a hunger for success, I became one of the co-founders of Marcon Marketing Group.  I write about digital online marketing on The Daily Buzz. You can download my free ebook Social Media Mastery, which reveals some of my secrets to writing and marketing your business online.

Are you looking for a Video Agency? There is none better than these guys. Videos get peoples attention and our customers love them. The feedback has been good. We will be ordering more shortly.

Anna Marie Johnston

We hired Marcon Marketing Group. The web marketing firm provided us with several high impact direct response video campaigns. We were very impressed with the quality not to mention it generated a lot of high quality leads for us. Thanks again. Madrid Spain

Pocholo Amati

We were hesitant to start using video for lead generation.
However, they asked us a few questions about our business and what can we say. What a great way to engage our customers and brand our business. Our phones are busy and thanks again for explaining the benefits of videos.

Catherine Holloway

They are your go to guys for anything remotely related to videos. We got a custom video done that sent our conversions through the roof. The videos explaining our products and services are so cool. The videos were amazing. They helped our business so much. We couldn’t be happier.

Mike Jones